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A small stone support is provided to hang the popular and functional bowl on the wall by bolts & nuts.

Size: basin:30x30x12cm vanity:27*12.5*6cm
Surface Finish: Matt or Polished
Drainage Hole: 45mm standard
Quantity/20ft: 670pcs (without pallet)
Material Selection: All materials can do. See left for photos taken for different materials.
Treatment: Pre-sealed for water & stain resistance.
Maintainence: Maintainence manuel goes with basin.
Quality Guarantee: Replace for any breakage, crack lines or chipped edges.

If your interested sizes are not included above, please note that sizes can also be customized.

Box Size:
Gross Weight:
Pallet Size:
Pallet Gross Weight:

basin: 38x38x21cm vanity: 35x20.5x15cm
basin: 76*76*105cm vanity: 70*61.5*100cm
basin: 127kgs vanity: 335kgs
Basin:16 Vanity:36 boxes/pallet
32 (28pallet basin+14pallet vanity) pallets/container

Hang on the wall with bolts & nuts included.

bolts and nuts accessories for stone basins

Bolts & Nuts hanging on the wall included in the product.

Please note that some accessories in the photo is not included in the product, as some customers may not need them. You can order the accessories separately.

You can order these accessories, which are not included in the basin.


LD-A43:color matching the basin.


M7046: color matching the basin

FAUR31PC: color matching the basin.

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