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stone basin technical drawing
High Resolution Pictures

We just bought a Hassleblad X1D camera, a very professional camera. And we would love to share the high resolution pictures with you as a support for your marketing activities. Please contact sales () to transfer the images. The original size could be 100M for one picture.


Digital Catalog: You can download the digital catalog here. It is protected by password. Please contact sales () for password.

  • 2019 Autumn New Collection (11.9 M)
  • 2019 New Product Catalog (4.6 M)
  • Economical & Basic Styles Catalog (4 M)
  • Natural Rustic Styles Catalog (5.2 M)
  • Classical Basin Styles Catalog (16 M)
  • Contemporary Basin Styles Catalog (4.7 M)
  • Cabinet & Wall-hung Basin Catalog (5.9 M)
  • Pedestal Basin Catalog (4.4 M)
  • Bathtub & Shower Tray Catalog (5.6 M)

  • Lautus Print Catalog: If you need Lautus print catalog to show your clients, we can ship together with the shipment 30 catalogs for free. If you need more, we will ask for the cost of the catalog.

    Print Your Own Catalog: We can co-ordinate to print the paper catalog for you at your cost. You can pick out the designs you want to print, our designer may help you to compile it simply.

    Stone Basins Shipment
    stone basin technical drawing
    Technical Drawing

    The techinical drawings are provided in the product detail pages. If you do not find it, or need to modify it, please contact sales().

    Please note that Lautus owns the copyright of the designs & drawings, and we have registered Outlook Patent in different countries for our designs, to avoid unnecessary disputes, please do not leak our designs to any other Chinese suppliers or related parties. You are authorised to use them only for marketing purpose.

    Design Service

    Product Design:If you have your own concept, and want to convert it into a real product. You can send details to sales(), we can help you to design it out, and produce samples for you to test the market.

    Stone Basins Shipment
    stone basin technical drawing
    Maintainence & installation Manuel

    A maintainence manuel is provided with the basin inside the carton box. The default language is in English, if you want to translate it into your own language, please contact sales.

    The installation manuel is provided in the product detail pages. If you do not find it, or need to modify it, please contact sales.

    Promotional Gifts

    If you plan to have a sales promotion to boost the sales, we can help you to build up the safety stocks to make sure that you can deliver if the sales grows fast. And you can also talk with our sales() about your plan, and ask for promotional gifts. We can provide you free promotional gifts based on your estimation of the sales growth with your new order.Promotion is quite helpful for boosting the sales.

    Stone Basins Shipment

    Please send me information

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