Stone is gaining more acceptance and getting popular in the market. It is switching from the very small high-end niche market to the more mainstream market in Europe,which is the trends-setter for global bathroom industry. If you open the shop comparison website like, search "vasques", you will find that 25-30% of the basin products are in natural stone.
Meantime, consumers are not only demanding natural green material, but also the tasteful designs. However, the market is flooded with distasteful designs. The market is calling prominent brands to meet the unsatisfied demands for tasteful stone basins.

Briefly, OEM a premium line of stone basins, you not only need the best prices, but also accountable quality. Lautus has a TQM system to guarantee the premium quality for you. Problem free. With professional OEM experience for leading global brands, we help you to deliver your commitment.

quality guarantee
  • - You can leave your back to Lautus,a responsiblity-taking producer, .
  • - Professionalism in pursuit of excellent craftsmanship, focusing on continuous improvement.
  • - Detail-oriented.
quality guarantee
  • - We have professional experience OEM for leading bathroom brands.
  • - Behind each brand is an essential wordless commitment to consumers. We help you deliver that commitment.
  • quality guarantee
    • - We replace or refund for any defective products.
    • - We have a TQM(total quality management system),each worker checks the quality of last process.
    • - We have passed ISO9001:2014 quality management system.
    • - You can hire a third party inspector or can rely on us to inspect for you.
    • Quick Response : In fast-paced competition, brands need to respond to the changing consumers' needs faster than ever. We promise to better help you cope with this challenge as your OEM partner. Samples will be completed within 5 days.
    • Safety Stock System: The sales & stock quantity is hard to match perfectly. Too much stock eats profit, while inadequate stock may cause loss of sales and dissatisfied customers. We would like to help you build some safety stock.
    • Quality Guarantee: We have a quality guarantee for you to meet your high standard, and please your brand fans.
    • Best Quality/Price Ratio: We guarantee you the best quality/price ratio. For the same quality, we have the best price. And for the same price, we have the best quality.
    • Branding: We help you to laser-etch your brand logo on the stone, and be strict in conformity with your safe packing system.
    • Intellectual Property Protection: We will sign NDA(Non Disclosure Agreement) with you, and have strictest protection of your intellectual property. Not telling any other party that you are working with us.
    • Stone Expertise: We share our 20 years' professional stone knowledge with you to let you have a sustaining profitable stone line.
    • ODM Service: Upon your concept, we can provide ODM service for you, supported by our design, tech research, material and production team. .
    A Reliable Producing Supplier

    We strive to be a most reliable stone basin producing supplier.

    • - Consistent Quality:
      Natural stones do have inborne color variations. To have consistent supply, we select each material block from quarry carefully, we pay a little more for higher-grade material, and to make the material consistent, we always buy from the same location and layer from the same quarry. Once a world leading DIY chain asks for a beige material, we visited more than 10 quarries to pick up on material. Why 10 quarries, it is because we consider many factors like the best cost, good color, structure and water absorption rate, also highly available, and no problem for consistent supply.
    • - High Availability
      We understand the importance of stable supply. Tremendous preparation work are needed for showrooms to launch a product model. The cost for non-stable supply is very dear. So we always spare no efforts on availability.
    • - Price Competitiveness
      Some Chinese factories may lower the grade of the material, and save some process to cut down the cost. In Lautus, we always put quality first. Our price competitiveness is built on innovation of machines and production technology ,buying own quarries,and economy of scale. We are proud that even for the best price guarantee items, we still stand behind it with quality guarantee.
    • - No Surprise Communication
      Employees are trained to be responsive to customers. They communicate with customers actively for changing situations at the first time, so customers can gain a whole picture & make a better decision.
    • - Take the responsiblity
      For what we've not done well, we appologize & take the responsibility.

    Chinese Company with European Mindset

    Lautus is founded and led by Sam Jin, who has received western MBA education. Back in 1999, Sam has got his full time MBA diploma from CEIBS, which is randked 1st in Aisa by Financial Times . The business school is a Joint Venture between EU Educational Funds and Shanghai Government, in order to cultivate social responsibility-taking business leaders with international perspective for China. It highly emphasizes the business ethics in a profit-chasing commercial world. Prior to founding Lautus, Sam had worked for a French company for 3 years.
    From Day 1 of founded, Lautus is determined to take the social responsibility proactively.We not only make our best to satisfy our customers, but also treat our employees and neighbourhood friendly. We believe that only satisfied employees make customers satisfied.


    Lautus is a customer-oriented company, helping our customers respond to the market faster. By having a quality guarantee return policy, we endeavor to understand what is accepted and is not accepted in the market. Our sales staff collect market feedback from customers, and then pass those information to R&D team, who develops new product accordingly. When customers need samples, we quickly finish the whole process from conceptual study, to prototype digital models, to production within just one or two weeks.
    Lautus is proud to serve some of the world's leading companies for years. We are dedicated to our relationship with our customers and always make our best to make them satisfied.

    Constant Innovation

    As a manufacturer, we know very well that our core competence is built on innovation. The company dedicate abundant resources in developing advanced production technology including computer controlled floating polishing machine and many other specialized CNC machines for producing stone basins.
    Thanks to the productivity improvement by these advanced production techonologies, though the cost in China has gone up quite much for the past 5 years, we are proud to keep the price stable and lower for our customers.


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