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Cultivating Socially Responsible Business: Lautus - Where Chinese Ingenuity Meets a European Mindset

Lautus, a Chinese company with a European mindset, was established and is led by Sam Jin, who holds an MBA from a prestigious Western institution. In 1999, Sam earned his full-time MBA diploma from CEIBS, ranked 1st in Asia by Financial Times. CEIBS, a joint venture between EU Educational Funds and the Shanghai Government, aims to cultivate socially responsible business leaders with an international perspective for China. This institution places a strong emphasis on business ethics in the pursuit of profit in the commercial world. Before founding Lautus, Sam gained valuable experience working for a French company for three years. From its inception, Lautus has been committed to taking proactive social responsibility. Our dedication extends beyond satisfying customers; we prioritize treating our employees and the local community with friendliness and respect. We firmly believe that only content and satisfied employees can contribute to customer satisfaction.

Customer-Centric Excellence: Lautus Accelerates Market Response with Unparalleled Service

Lautus prioritizes customer orientation, empowering our clients to navigate the market swiftly. Our commitment to quality is reflected in a robust return policy, allowing us to gauge market preferences and adapt effectively. We foster a dynamic feedback loop, where our sales team gathers customer insights, providing invaluable input for our R&D team to innovate and develop new products. When customers request samples, our streamlined process ensures rapid delivery-from conceptual study to prototype digital models and production within one to two weeks. Having proudly served some of the world's leading companies for years, Lautus is devoted to nurturing lasting customer relationships and consistently striving to exceed expectations.

Innovating Excellence: Lautus Drives Forward with Cutting-Edge Production Technology

Constant innovation lies at the heart of Lautus as a manufacturer. We invest substantial resources in pioneering production technologies, including state-of-the-art computer-controlled floating polishing machines and specialized CNC equipment designed for crafting stone basins. Our commitment to innovation not only ensures the highest quality but also serves as a key factor in maintaining stable and even reduced prices for our customers. Despite rising costs in China over the past 5 years, our dedication to productivity enhancement through advanced technologies allows us to deliver unparalleled value to our customers.

Reliability Redefined: Lautus, Your Trusted Stone Basin Producing Partner

At Lautus, our commitment is to be the most reliable stone basin producing supplier, and we achieve this through several key principles:.

  • -1. Consistent Quality:
    We meticulously select each material block from quarries, opting for higher-grade materials to ensure consistent quality. Our dedication to sourcing from the same location and layer in a quarry guarantees a uniform supply. We go the extra mile, visiting multiple quarries, considering factors like cost, color, structure, water absorption rate, and availability to meet specific client requests.

  • -2. High Availability
    Understanding the importance of stable supply, we spare no efforts in ensuring high availability. We recognize the significant preparation required for showrooms to launch a product model, and the cost of non-stable supply is a critical factor we aim to eliminate.

  • -3. Price Competitiveness
    Unlike some Chinese factories that may compromise material quality to cut costs, we prioritize quality at Lautus. Our price competitiveness is rooted in machine and production technology innovation, ownership of quarries, and economies of scale. Even for items with the best price guarantee, we stand behind them with a commitment to quality.

  • -4. Transparent Communication
    Our employees are trained to be proactive and responsive to changing situations. Transparent communication ensures our customers are informed promptly, allowing them to make well-informed decisions.

  • -5. Take the responsiblity
    In instances where we fall short, we don't hesitate to apologize and take responsibility. Our commitment to accountability ensures a trustworthy and mutually beneficial relationship with our customers.


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