Frequently Asked Questions

1. What about your package? Will it stand tough ocean shipment?

2. How about your delivery time? Can I combine the container with my other suppliers?

Normally it takes around 60 days to produce the basins. We can help you to co-ordinate the shipment, and consolidate with your other suppliers' goods. You can see the detailed shipment information here.

3. How about your price level? Where can I get price information?

For some items targeting the massive market, our price is super competitive, and we have a BEST PRICE GUARANTEE for good quantities. For some design items targeting high-end market, surely your margin will be very good if you have the right customer target. For detailed price information, please contact sales .

4. How about your payment term?

50% deposit & 50% upon loading.

5. Can I get a sample? How can I look on the quality?

Yes, we provide samples at customers' flat cost. You can see us on fairs, visit our factory in Shanghai to look on the quality.

6. How about the quality of your basins, do you have quality guarantee?

We have very strict quality criteria. And we do have a quality guarantee policy. You will receive a new replacement or be refunded for any defectives.

7. What is your MOQ?

10pcs each SKU and US$5000 per order.

8. Do you custom make?

Yes, we can custom make for you. There is a MOQ of 100pcs required, could be mixed of different materials.

9. How do you protect distributors? Can I have exclusivity for our market?

We do have some protection for distributors. Country exclusivity is not available, as we already have customers in 80 countries. When a market already have a few important distributors, we would limit the development of new distributors. And for some distributors with multi-locations, we can work together to develop some exclusive models only for them.

10. How about private label?

In most cases, we work with Lautus label. There do have some exceptions when your quantity is rather big, or you provide your own designs, we also accept your label.

11. Do you have quality guarantee?

Yes, we are proud to stand behine each basin we ship. If our basin arrives damaged or defective, we will take full responsibility, either refund your or replace you a new one. Meantime, as a manufacturer, we are not to hold responsible for the salvage shipment like the outside of the box is damaged. In that case you should take pictures and file a complaint to the shipping company before you sign the receipt of the goods for the shipping company.We are also not to be responsible for damage by your own or by the end-clients.

12. What is the life span of a stone basin?

The basins are carved out of a solid piece of rock. If the surface is not damaged by acid or alcali, it is lasting. Even the surface is damaged by acid, it can be polished by hand polishing pad, and gets the glossiness again.

1. Are the basins sealed before packing? Are they stain resistant?

Yes, the basins are well treated with water-based sealant before packing. Besides for some softer stone, we also add a special high molecular penetration to improve the strength of stone, also enhence the surface performance.

2. I specially love some material, but did not find on your website, could you produce for me in other material?

Yes, we can. We can purchase the blocks from market for you. It is better to have a good quantity, otherwise, the material cost will be high. For the normal producing material, we ship directly from quarry, so the cost is much lower.

3. Natural stone has the veins, can it be avoided?

Natural stone do have inborne color variation. Though we make our best to select the best block from the quarry, it still cannot be totally avoided. Even for the same piece of stone, you can see the difference. However, this is just glamour of stone, each one is unique. If you do care about the variation, we do have some stone with less variation like Shanxi Black granite, Light Grey sandstone, Black Blue limestone etc.

4. Can all the models be produced in your other material?

Yes, normally models can be produced into other material. There are too many models and too many materials, so we only can produce part of them to take the pictures. If you want, we can produce them in other stone.

5. Can the material be consistently supplied?

We make our best to keep the material consistent, by always buying from the same location, same layer from the same quarry. And we pay a little more to get them cut in quarry, thus to avoid cracks or unwanted veins. However, stone is stone, you never know for future. Some stone may distinguish permanently. That also adds the value of stone. One thing happening that might influence the block supply is, China government has stricter environmental control, many quarries are stopped from time to time.

6. How can I know which material is more popular in the market, cost less and with less variation? Can I select basin based on a special page?

We do have a material page at the page of each product category for you, showing what materials are available for this special category.

7. Which material is selling best for you? Can you tell me what models sell well in our market?

Galala and Blue Stone sell the best, followed by Light Grey and Italian Carrara. Black Marquina is not bad. Anyway, different country has very different color preference. Selecting the right color and right models is really the most important for a good sales. As a manufacturer we do have some sales analysis data for different market. Please consult with our sales for the information. Anyway, you can also trust your commerical intuition for the market preference. What is selling better is quite big topic, even in the same country, different channels have different preferences, as the target customers are quite different. Most importantly, you can have a wide selection in our line, from the least priced massive selling items, to the very luxury design pieces.

8. Are the maintainence needed?

Though some sealant companies claim that their seeler provide lifelong protection, we still suggest customers to treat it once a year. The marble sealers are widely available from the DIY stores nearby. And it is very simple work to seal it. Just clean the basin with warm water, wipe it with a clean towel, wait it dry. And then spray or wipe the sealer on the stone surface, wait it dry again. Repeat 2-3 times. When it is totally dry, it is done.

9. What kind of finishes is more popular, shall I buy polished or matt?

It quite depends on market. In European countries, especially Old Europe, people prefer matt more. In other parts of the world, polish is also popular, some people still prefer matt also.

10. What other finishes you can work?

There are so many different finish technology for stone: polished, matt, sandblasted, natural split, chiselled, bush-hamed, flamed, brushed, water-washed, sawn rough, turned rough. We can do it all.

11. How can you guarantee the shapes are similar?

We use CNC machines.

12. Do you provide the drains & faucet?

Yes, accessories like drains, faucet, mirrors and steel brackets are provided. They are not included in the basin offer, as some customers want to have other accessories options. If you want, you can just order them.

1. Are you a factory or a trading company?

Lautus is a factory since 2001 specialized in producing stone basins.

2. How many workers do you have?

We have around 50 people, among them around 40 are workers.

3. How big is your factory?

Lautus factory occupies a land of 7000M2.

4. What is your capacity?

It depends on item. Roughly, we have a expandable capacity of 100,000 stone basins annually.

5. Have you supplied to DIY chain stores before and can you pass the factory inspection, or social & environmental responsibility inspection?

Yes, we've abundant experience serving DIY chain stores and some of the world leading plumbing wholesalers. We've passed DIY chain store's factory inspection, we can provide you BSCI.

6. Have you passed ISO9001?

Yes, we have passed ISO9001:2015.

7.What product certificate do you have?

We have CE product certificate for Europe. For North America, we have passed USTG (equivalent to UPC) many years ago, our customers there have applied UPC in USA & CUPC in Canada.

8. Do you have the environmental permit from government?

Yes, we have the environmental permit from government.

9.Do you have your own designer? Are the models designed by Lautus?

Yes, we have gift designers and the models are designed by ourselves. We also work with international designers.Some of our designs won international awards.

10. Where are you based?

We are located in Shanghai, very convenient for transportation and shipping. Easy for you to organize a trip also.

1. What kind of protection you offer for resellers?

As a manufacturer, we focus on production. We never sell online. We provide non-competition protections to resellers. We also provide exclusivity models to some multi-location resellers.

2. I need some of your catalog to put in my shop, can you provide?

Yes, we are happy to provide you a few catalogs. If you need large quantity, it will be charged at printing cost.

3. Do you have digital catalog for downloading?

Please email us or add our WeChat[jiuaidanbai] or WhatsApp[008613601995812] to get a PDF catalog.

4. We need high resolution pictures for marketing purpose, can you provide us?

5. I want to print my own catalog based on your catalog, can you help me?

Yes, our new catalog is designed based on models. You can just add your pages for marketing, and select the models you need. We can compile it for you for free, and ask for the best price from printer factory.

6. My customers need technical drawings, can you provide me?

Yes, we can.

7.For the maintainence manuel you put in the carton box, I want to translate it into my own language, can you help?

Yes, please ask the English version from the sales (, and pass the translated version back to them.

8. Can you provide installation manuel?

Yes, the installation manuel is provided within the catalog. You can also ask from the sales (.

9.I have some product ideas, can you help me to design and develop a sample?

Yes, as far as you have some idea or concept, we can help you to get it out into a real product.

10. I want to have a sales promotion. Can you help me with some promotional gifts?

Yes. If you plan to have a sales promotion to boost the sales, we can help you to build up the safety stocks to make sure that you can deliver if the sales grows fast. And you can also talk with our sales() about your plan, and ask for promotional gifts. We can provide you free promotional gifts based on your estimation of the sales growth with your new order.Promotion is quite helpful for boosting the sales.

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